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May 26, 2016

Full Circle

by Rohre Titcomb


“How come they won’t throw to me?”

“Rohre, keep working hard and cutting to the open side. When you’re open, clap your hands together and call for the disc.”

It was 1996. I couldn’t throw a forehand, nor could I truthfully identify where the open side was.

I remember finishing that day at Spring Reign laying out into mud puddles with my teammates on the Disc Jockeys. We came, dripping, shivering, laughing, muddy, stinky, back to my parents’ minivan.

My first Spring Reign was the first Spring Reign. 19 years later, I’m back.

After a 4 hour WUSA practice in the rain, we took time to connect with local youth players and record video for our fundraiser for GUM (Girls Ultimate Movement). I chatted with Anna Tinker of BAM ultimate, a 17-year old recovering from ACL surgery. Shortly thereafter, I celebrated being #aclrecovered in our showcase scrimmage against Team Canada. I think I had just as much fun as I did back in ’96 when I was discovering this sport I love.

This time around, our Spring Reign weekend involved a similar amount of rain and mud and a few more successful forehands. To cap it off, my teammates and I trundled back to my car, muddy and giggling, while my parents looked on, thankful they weren’t in charge of our cleanup anymore.