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In December 2014 USA Ultimate announced a new team selection process for representation at the World Ultimate and Guts Championships. Eschewing the tradition of the reigning club champion being designated as Team USA, they announced there would be a player application and tryout process.

In September 2015 USA Ultimate announced Matty Tsang as the Head Coach of the Women’s National team. In November 2015 USA Ultimate announced Andy Lovseth as the Assistant Coach.

Over 250 women applied for 100 tryout spots. In November 2015 the tryout attendees were announced.

Two tryout weekends were held in January 2016: a west coast tryout in Phoenix, Arizona and an east coast tryout in Orlando, Florida.

On February 11, 2016, the first-ever select USAU Women’s National Team was announced.

The team will hold three practice weekends in April and May of 2016 in San Francisco, Seattle, and Washington DC, before traveling to London in June for WUGC 2016.