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Photo: © Tino Tran

Claire Chastain #52

Claire first started playing ultimate in 2008 when she was freshman at UNC-Wilmington. A quick study, she went on to win the prestigious Callahan Award in 2013, only the 4th player in history to do so without playing at Nationals. After playing several seasons with Phoenix, Claire was lured from the beaches of North Carolina to the mountains of Colorado, where she now captains Denver Molly Brown. Claire is no stranger to the international stage and represented the US on both the 2013 U23 Women's National Team and the 2015 WCBU Women's National Team.

Claire is currently in her second year coaching Colorado University Kali and has also coached local high school and YCC teams, in addition to counseling at CUT Camp and NUTC.

When not playing or coaching, Claire is a math interventionist in Denver Public Schools and spends most of her time with her pup Masie.