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Photo: Tino Tran

Cree Howard Team Staff Person

It all started when Beth Boylan promised to cure Cree's acne by playing frisbee. As a freshman in college what more could someone want? After that, it was off to the races: Tarts in 2006 (UC Berkeley B team), followed by the Pie Queens from 2007 to 2010. After a quick travel abroad jaunt in Aussie-land and a sweet sweet taste of Gold @ Mixed Nationals with Bootius Maximus, Cree found her way to Fury. Thanks to some luck, timing and skill she landed herself on the roster of the magnificent 2008 team. Since then, Cree has racked up an impressive ultimate resume chock full of medals of all shapes and sizes: Fury (2008-2015), WUGC (2008, 2012, 2016), World Games (2009, 2013), WUCC (2010, 2014), Beach Worlds (2015).

A swift tear of the ACL in January 2016 motivated Cree to focus on her far superior skills of 'Team Staff Person' which has allowed her to not only ride in the Staff Car with Mandy (The Matt & Andy Duo), but has also earned her the well-deserved title of most selfless member of Team USA--as well as captain of swag squad.