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Kami Groom #7

"Zoom Zoom” Kami Groom was born on a dark and stormy Friday in the historic town of Liberty, Missouri. Growing up, she played just about every sport—except ultimate. Originally, Kami planned to play basketball in college, but after transferring to WashU in St. Louis, she stumbled into ultimate during the off-season. Ever hard to impress, it took Kami a whole year and a trip to Nationals to decide that ultimate “wasn’t so bad after all.” Since that time, she has traveled around, playing for teams such as St. Louis RevoLOUtion, Thoroughbred, Chicago Nemesis, Whisby Nation, and currently, Boston Brute Squad. Kami previously represented the US in 2013 at the U23 World Championships in Toronto, where she won gold and developed a serious crush on poutine.

Off the field, Kami recently finished up a year teaching English in Taiwan. When she isn’t playing ultimate, she can be found working as an Immigration Paralegal at a fancy law firm, reading a work of classic literature in a solitary nook, and trying (but failing) to curb her addiction to greasy fast food.