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Photo: © Sara Jacobi

Leila Tunnell #18

Leila first started playing ultimate in 5th grade at the Paideia School in Atlanta, GA. In High School, she competed on the Paideia Varsity team, played with the Atlanta women's team, Ozone, and was selected to represent the US on the U-20 Girls National Team in 2004 and in 2006, earning a silver and a gold medal.

Leila began her college career at Connecticut College, where she helped start their women's program and commuted to compete with the Boston women's team, Brute Squad, but finished school at UNC Chapel Hill, where she co-founded the NC women's team, Phoenix, in 2010, and won the Callahan award in 2011. Leila returned to the Northeast after college and is currently in her 6th (non-consecutive) season playing with Brute Squad, where she won the Kathy Pufahl Spirit award in 2014, and the UltiWorld Club Player of the Year in 2015.

Leila has also coached girls and boys high school programs all over the east coast, including counseling at the National Ultimate Training Camp for 9 years, and being the assistant coach of the silver medal-winning US U-20 Girls National Team in 2012.

Currently, Leila lives in Amber's home town of Amherst, MA, where she is a food and farm educator, a professional cook, and helps coach the Amherst HS boys varsity team.