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Women's National Team

Photo: © Tino Tran

Rohre Titcomb #4

Rohre started playing ultimate in middle school in Seattle before heading east where she played in high school at Hotchkiss and in college at Dartmouth, as well as a season with Brute Squad in 2009. Called back to her roots, Rohre returned to Seattle in 2010 and has played with Riot since. Rohre’s international experience is extensive, from captaining the U20 Girls National Team to silver in 2004 and helping the women’s national team capture gold medals at the WCBU in 2011 and 2015 to earning a roster spot on the 2013 US World Games to and leading Riot to a WUCCs gold in 2014. And that doesn’t even mention a bronze medal at 2010 WUCCs.

Off the field Rohre is the CEO of Five Ultimate, which she owns and manages along with her 4 siblings.