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Sarah Anciaux #35

Too busy being an All-American shot putter and a 1st team All-Conference basketball guard at Coe College, SK didn't pick up ultimate until graduate school at University of Minnesota. After taking some time off from sports after college and gaining a few too many pounds, SK was forced to play ultimate by her now fiancée. She started out fumbling through her first year on the Twin Cities Summer League circuit in 2012, and then went on to use her college eligibility while in grad school at the University of Minnesota. Her first year on the Ninjas ended well with a Nationals appearance and a top 10 finish. The summer of 2013 she played for the Twin Cities women’s team, Pop and learned many things about ultimate. After a year of women's, she moved to the mixed team Drag'n Thrust where she helped bring home 2 national championships. Now, happily mystified as to how she got so involved in ultimate, she also helps with the pilot programs of the Girls Ultimate Movement, runs a Nike ultimate camp, coaches the local YCC U-16 girls team, and helps with area ultimate events.

Off the field, in her "free time," SK attends the University of Minnesota as a graduate student in the chemistry department. She 3D prints lots of cool things, and works to improve microscale separations and mass spectrometric couplings to microfluidic devices.